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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

How to Navigate the Emotional Tactics of the LGBT Lobby

Gov. Abbott now seems disposed to override the obstacles to SB-6 (the "bathroom bill") and force a vote on the legislation in a special session. The LGBT lobby is, we must remember, one of the most persevering and relentless movements to afflict American society. Their vast gains have resulted from their use of multiple tactics and complicated long-term strategy. They waged a cultural war, which I discussed recently in this article here. While we would prefer, of course, to conduct our defense of the natural family with goodwill and civility, we cannot be naive. The gay movement is ruthless and exploits any weakness, crushing those who show any chance of wavering; it is for this reason that it is never advisable to apologize to the LGBT community.

Fight for your own kids! Get involved in your child's school

Caryl Ayala on the Amazing Don Greene Radio Show May 24, 2017.
Note: Interview starts at 1:00:47.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017


Daryl Foster was raised in a small town Pentecostal church in Texas. Raised primarily by his mother, he and his seven siblings were expected to pursue Christian lifestyles. Daryl loved everything about church. “But Inside I had this growing feeling of being different. I didn’t even know how to articulate it to myself yet. I had a strange attraction to other boys that I didn’t understand.”


The Texas House is in chaos. Speaker Straus, who holds his position because he has a base of 55 Democrats, has lost control of the House.


This past Sunday night, RINO Speaker Joe Straus attempted to placate the conservative Republican base and to give coverage to the 60 or so Republican state representatives who did not have the courage of their professed convictions to support SB 6. Straus organized a FAKE bathroom amendment to be placed on SB 2078 last Sunday night. It passed overwhelmingly, 90-52.


After threatening to force a special session of the Texas Legislature unless lawmakers approve a “bathroom bill” and property tax legislation, Lt. Gov Dan Patrick on Monday appeared to be unconvinced by the House’s actions on the two issues.

"NO Men in Women's Bathrooms" Petition

Please go to this link and support SB 6!

Urban Game Change #4 -- Urban Schools & LGBT

Game Change #4: Black & Latino Urban Schools... by robert-oscar-lopez

Friday, May 19, 2017

Austin ISD and Human Rights Campaign Hurl Windstorm of Paper at Texas Citizen Exercising Her Legal Rights

At "Take Back the SHAC," a Texas citizen has posted documents recounting her tortuous adventures with the Austin Independent School District and the Human Rights Campaign. There is so much here that must be read simply to be believed. We will comment more on this as more details emerge.

This timeline alone will raise some serious hackles (or should):


  • 4/4 – Submitted Open Records Request to Austin ISD – “Welcoming Schools. Please provide all Welcoming Schools communication and documentation including but not limited to the approval process, execution, events, announcements, pledges, petitions, teacher instructions, parental notification, calendar postings, emails to/from/between District employees and Trustees, and promotional materials including but not limited to images of stickers, t-shirts, posters, flyers, and cards.”
  • 4/12 – Received reply from Austin ISD saying that they don’t have Welcoming Schools
  • 4/12 – Submitted examples of Welcoming Schools in Austin ISD
  • 4/25 – Received cost estimate for $635 to respond to the request
  • 4/26 – Received a copy of the AG letter from Austin ISD –
  • 5/9 – Submitted a modified request for teacher modules to Austin ISD – “Please provide the teacher modules for the Welcoming Schools program.”
  • 5/10 – Received 22 page document from HRC –
  • 5/12 – Requested confirmation from Austin ISD that request was being processed; Received confirmation from Austin ISD
  • 5/15 – Received 116 page response from Austin ISD –

Thursday, May 18, 2017

40+ Years of Sexual Politics in Black and Urban Schools


Senate Bill 6, which would keep biological males out of the girls' bathrooms in your local schools, is stalled. It has widespread support and passed overwhelmingly in the Senate. It has gotten sandbagged in the House. See Dr. S. Hotze's petition to get over this impasse now!


Hey everyone, we are in a treacherous field, as you all know. I went to the Reno paper this morning to learn about the latest "conversion therapy" ban--signed by Nevada's Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval (after GOP govs. Christie in N.J. and Martinez in N.Mex also signed similar evil bills). And who do I read is leading the charge? Yvette Cantu Schneider, identified as a "bisexual"!

Here's the piece:

Some people on this list once worked alongside Yvette, and many of you will remember her. She is (was) a former lesbian who came out of that lifestyle (and eastern mysticism, etc.) after having been witnessed to by a Christian co-worker. That was her testimony, anyway. She worked, as Ken Ervin and I did, under Bob Knight at FRC, and was a regular speaker at Focus on the Family's "Love Won Out" conferences (as I did, sort of as the token "culture war" guy alongside the great Joe Nicolosi and then-"ex-gay" John Paulk). Yvette was a powerful speaker at those LWO events. She supported AFTAH, and told me emphatically that she had experienced "complete" & permanent change, per the 2007 statement below responding to Alan Chambers' early equivocations on ex-gay change. Here is the AFTAH item, which I'm not taking down (but I can no longer avoid posting a tragic "update" to it):

"I came out of homosexuality after a powerful encounter with Jesus Christ and a desire to serve and obey Him. I can say with complete honesty that I NEVER have homosexual desires of any sort – physical or emotional."

Yvette, who is married, ended up embracing the dark side after her daughter (Erica?) had a heath crisis (leukemia, I think). Under the (IMO, demonic) influence of a "goddess"-worshiping counselor (or something like that), she switched sides and donated the proceeds of her book to GLAAD, a wicked, anti-Christian LGBT group. Now the apostate Yvette apparently calls herself bi, although I presume she is still married to Paul (a good guy) because she keeps his surname. I cannot imagine that Paul is too keen on his wife telling reporters that she's bisexual.

Sexual sin, of whatever stripe, is one of America's idols. I appreciate all of you who never wavered on Truth. Keep going. Never quit, because we're all working for the Lord. It's His Truth, not ours. Yvette, Alan Chambers, Randy Thomas, John Paulk and others, became, in effect, traitors to God, which really sucks and it makes me mad--you don't expect that from "believers." But the "elite"-driven world and a powerful, secular, God-denying zeitgeist are arrayed against us, and some people just succumb to Satan and his lies.

I remember back in those good old days working for Bob at FRC when Yvette told us how she was reading through the Book of Jeremiah for the first time, and how it was opening her eyes. She needs to go back and reread Jer. 17:9: "The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately sick; who can understand it?" Please pray for Yvette and Paul, and other rebellious souls, and that our movement would somehow glorify God amidst all the cultural wreckage. God bless. -- PL

Peter LaBarbera
Americans For Truth
(a reporter for LifeSiteNews)

Friday, May 12, 2017

Why the push to get gayness into homeschooling curriculum?

This is truly creepy.

An excerpt from LifeSiteNews:

Some of Khan Academy’s free offerings are laced with a politically correct view of homosexuality. Math, English and other subjects may seem morally neutral, but they are being used to promote ideas and worldviews having nothing to do with Math or English.
Here is an English "problem" on a Khan Academy session:
The lesson is on "Irregular Plural Nouns: from 'f' to 'ves.'" The unsuspecting student is told to "Choose the correct plural noun to use in this sentence:
'Brittany and Sofia went to lunch with their _____ every Saturday.'"
Khan Academy's “correct” answer reveals the gay agenda behind the English "problem":
The only choices are "wifes" or "wives."

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Protect children in care from special interest agendas

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Comprehensive Sex Ed -- coming to a school near you

Austin Independent School District's is revamping its sex ed curriculum, which currently starts in 5th grade with the topic of puberty. However, plans are now underway to develop a curriculum based on the 3R's program from Advocates for Youth, one of the longest standing and most radical pro-LGBT organizations in the country. This organization promotes abortion, pre-marital sex, homosexuality and transsexuality to children, and the sex ed curriculum it has developed is bringing these messages straight to the classroom. Starting in kindergarten, the children will now be discussing their genitalia in explicit detail in co-ed groups. Here is a sample of a kindergarten lesson plan:

Most girls have a vulva, which is the name for the area between the legs. The vulva describes the whole area including the small hole where urine or pee comes out called the opening to the urethra, the hole below that, which is a little bigger and is called the vagina that is used when a female has a baby, and the hole below that where a bowel movement, or poop, comes out called the anus. So a person with a vulva has three holes between their legs and a very sensitive little area at the top called the clitoris. 

Not only is this lesson promoting the graphic exploration of children's private parts in a non-private setting, with children of the opposite sex and adults who are not parents, but it says that most girls have a vulva -- with the implication that some do not. 

This is only the kindergarten lesson, so can you imagine where this leads in later years. If parents and citizens do not step in, this is the future of sex ed, where children are sexualized from the youngest ages, and taught that sex and one's private areas are topics of open and unabashed public discussion. Modesty, privacy, and family rights are thrown out the window. And even if these lessons are opt-out (meaning the parents can choose to exempt their children from the lessons), this information, and the resulting behavior and attitudes, will spread through the school. Schools will no longer be a place of protecting innocence. 

All of this is part of a larger agenda laid out in the National Sexuality Education Standards. Other prominent topics include diverse families (incl. same-sex parenting), gender spectrum (a 1st grade lesson includes reading and discussing My Princess Boy), sexual consent and non-consent (how to give or deny consent), and safe and non-safe touching.

If parents want any of these topics taught to their children, they should be the ones to teach them in a truly safe and private environment. Otherwise, this is grooming for sexual predation, where children are desensitized to discussing sensitive and private topics such as sex and their bodies, and where they are aroused by role-playing and discussions about sexual topics.

What happens in Austin will inevitably spread to other cities and towns, unless parents remain vigilant and aware. One suggestion is joining your local SHAC (School Health Advisory Council), which makes recommendations regarding sex ed. Please also contact your schools and the school boards to let them know that you do not want graphic, comprehensive sex ed being taught to your children. 

And if you are in Austin, we need you get this message out to all parents you know with children in AISD. Write letters and make phone calls to district officials and the board of trustees.  The two individuals currently adapting the 3R's curriculum for use in grades K-5 are:

Michele Rusnak, 
Health & PE Supervisor,

Pat Werner,
Health & PE Specialist,

It's not too late to stop this, but only if people are willing to stand up and refuse to let their children be subjected to this indoctrination.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Video on recent developments + why the Bible demands we stand against the latest moves by LGBT

Urban Game Changers 2: The Bible and LGBT by robert-oscar-lopez

Supreme Court lets California keep its ban on sexual orientation therapy for minors

If you watch the videos posted from MRTexas's April 1 citizen action meeting, I hope you notice that Mass Resistance Texas sought to paint a complete picture of LGBT curriculum and its broad impacts on schools and families. Each of the goals of the LGBT movement are troublesome on their own. Together, they are toxic. Let's examine the full menu of LGBT policies, all targeting youth:

1. Curriculum introduced at very young ages, forcing four-year-olds and older children to learn about homosexualilty and transgenderism.

2. Both legal and informal measures to stifle any information that runs counter to the false precepts of LGBT curriculum. See what happens to people who make public statements or publish points that debunk the "born gay," "gay is the new black," "coming out early is health," "gay sex is fine," "the Bible doesn't really ban it," "you can't change," "no gay people ever molest children," "gays are always the victims of bullying," "gays will kill themselves if they do not get their demands," etc. -- all LGBT tenets that wither immediately under scrutiny. Question this horrendous propaganda, and you can be blocked from social media, fined, de-licensed, shunned, attacked, and often denied legal protections. 

3. With a one-way propaganda stream pouring down on the heads of young children, there are also concerted efforts in Hollywood to flood popular culture with misleading images of homosexuality and transgenderism as utopian routes to happiness--from Walt Disney to ads for breakfast cereal, everywhere young people turn, they are confronted with rainbow messages.

4. Education codes are being changed in order to redefine discipline so that children, teachers, and staff can suffer adverse consequences if they are caught questioning or resisting LGBT propaganda.

5. Title IX has been redefined so that now homosexuality and transgenderism are equated to race and sex. As a result, schools have to devote public funds and bureaucratic support to offering services -- such as Gay-Straight Alliances -- to children from younger and younger ages. 

6. Courts have been largely won over by decades of pro-LGBT curriculum in law schools, so that gays who sue people for discrimination find very sympathetic ears, while people who sue gays for anything from sex abuse to harassment find that they can rarely receive justice.

7. A huge enterprise of LGBT publishing has created whole libraries of LGBT books targeted to each age from pre-K to adult, so that as children grow up, their academic research will be entangled with the false propaganda in their libraries.

8. Children who have been sexualized too early and forced to become curious about homosexuality are then encouraged to join social clubs for Gay-Straight "Alliances," usually with gay mentors. By the ages of 12 and 13, they are already curious and placed in contact with older, experienced gay mentors who cannot only feed their curiosity but also instruct them on where to find sex in town and how to engage in sex.

9. Perversion of First Amendment law has enabled pornographers to saturate the internet with homosexual pornography and pornography about transexual bodies. The failure of Prop 60 in California set the precedent that it will even be impossible for states to force such pornographers to impose condoms on their actors. As a result, children are exposed to utterly unrealistic depictions of homosexuality, leaving out the unsanitary nature of anal sex, the rectal bleeding, and lifelong problems with incontinence, not to mention high risk of AIDs.

10. Rules to protect children from bullying or child abuse have been warped. Instead of intervening to help bullied kids by teaching all children not to be unkind to peers, the school rushes in to tell bullied kids that it's okay if they are gay, and then overwhelm them with informational materials that reinforce the assumption that if they are called homophobic names, they must really want to have sex with the same sex, and should start. To protect them from "child abuse," the children are given access to consultations about homosexuality and transgenderism without informing parents or other people who could intervene and stop the indoctrination.

11. With all the above factors, children are highly vulnerable to experiencing homosexual activity at a very young age--essentially molestation, whether the child thinks that it is what has happened, or not. Unlike in heterosexual molestation cases, homosexual molestation cases are difficult to prevent and adjudicate because (1) so much of youth happens in sex-segregated spaces absent supervision, and (2) people are very afraid of accusing gay people of child abuse and then being labeled homophobic.

12. Churches are being slowly infiltrated by left-wing fake Christians citing John Boswell and Matthew Vines as if they are theologically sound (they are not). With its vast resources, gay groups need only to finance one transgender teen or one gay couple with a child to join a church and then cry foul over chastity sermons, for that church to dissolve, retreat from the gospel, or face lawsuits. These cases trickle up and have transformed a majority of Protestant denominations into pro-gay religions; the Catholic Church is close to flipping as well. Hence families will find churches unwelcome places to seek guidance and discipline on sexuality.

13. The aftereffects of molestation often cause children to believe they are gay and they need to continue this activity. But now the crown jewel of pro-LGBT policies is this: THEY ARE MAKING IT ILLEGAL FOR COUNSELORS TO HELP THEM AVOID MORE OF THIS ACTIVITY IN THE FUTURE. Counselors and therapists risk losing their licenses if they tell young people to avoid homosexuality or transgenderism. See this latest development:

We have to mobilize and get moving! Taken as a whole, this is turning into a pornographic dictatorship. A small group of people are forcing their perversion on an entire country and crushing anyone who resists their power. Remember -- each of these developments is bad, but when all are taken together, it is dictatorship.

Texas Values sets the record straight on economic impact of sexual orientation & gender identity laws

Monday, May 1, 2017

Texas Values warns about new Gender Identity law bubbling up through Texas